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What is Human Design?

Human Design is an advanced form of Astrology, it is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences. It combines the principles and ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, I-Ching, the Chakras, modern quantum mechanics, genetics, Vedic & modern astrology. It is equally scientific as it is spiritual. It is not a religion, but an experiment in which we can partake.

Your human design chart, the bodygraph, is calculated using your birth date, time, and location to reveal your genetic design. You can run your chart for free at the Jovian Archive. The information provided in the bodygraph can be be overwhelming and confusing. This is where having a human design reading by someone knowledgeable can be helpful.

The information provided in your chart is basically an energetic blueprint, mapped out based on the positions of the planets at your exact time of birth. It defines your dominate energy centers, and how your energy interacts with other people and your environment. Like an astrology reading, Human Design defines your personality (the conscious). Human Design also goes deeper, revealing our "Design" (the unconscious) based on the planets approx. 88 days before your birth.

Learning and understanding your design can help you optimize your unique energy in all areas of life, such as relationships, work, sleep, digestions, and creativity. When you follow your design, you will find more ease and flow in your life, while eliminating confusion, stress, and resistance. HD also details your talents, skills, and potential given your follow your design. HD is essentially a user manual or your own navigation tool to discover the key aspects of your true nature.


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