Healing with Earth's Minerals

"God formed man of the dust of the ground..." Genesis 2:7

God created us from the earth it only makes sense to heal ourselves with the earth, we ARE earth. We ARE the earth, and we are one with it. Our health is a reflection of the health of the planet. It breaks my heart to see how we have damaged the environment with all of the pollution and chemicals. This is exactly why we are sick, because of the environment we have created. We are bombarded with chemicals everyday, it's in our food, in our water, in our air, self care products, and medicine that we use everyday. It's not enough to eat organic anymore, Round Up is literally in our rain.

We are all being exposed and bombarded with environmental toxins. It's not enough to simply "avoid" toxins when it is literally in the air we breath! We have to be doing some serious clean up. On the planet, as well as with our bodies. Toxins in the body leads to an imbalance of the internal ecology. It leads to weight gain, inflammation, and disease. Toxins create a breeding ground for harmful organisms like candida and parasites.

I believe with my heart and soul that the Earth provides everything we need to heal, our creator designed it that way. Fulvic acid is the end product and smallest particle of the decomposition of ancient, organic matter. The ancient organisms found in Black Oxygen Organics, hold genetic code. When we consume it, it helps our body restore to it's original genetic blueprint.

We've come to a time on this planet where we have more options than ever before. And I know many of us feel like we have tried every option out there trying to heal our bodies. You need to know that there is hope, Earth is providing us hope.

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