Magic Mud Ultimate Detox Bath

Updated: Apr 22

Minerals are crucial for our health. Without them, our bodies can't absorb vitamins. Proper electrolyte balance and hydration allows electricity to flow properly throughout our body and brain. The best source of minerals is from the ground, organic earth. We are witnessing an entire generation with mineral deficiencies, due to modern farming practices. Furthermore, we are more toxic than ever due to our environment. The presence of heavy metals is found in our air, food, and water. We need to cleanse our bodies of impurities and replenish minerals in our bodies for optimal health.

Aside from the toxicity that heavy metals presents to the body, the presence of heavy metals also disturbs our natural electrical state by altering our natural frequency, and makes us more susceptible to harmful EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies). The presence of heavy metals provides a breeding ground for harmful organisms such as yeast, harmful bacteria, and parasites. Radiation from EMFs promotes the growth of these pathogens. Heavy metals have polluted our bodies, and because of their nano particle size, we need to use a nano particulate sized chelator/binder to remove them.

The solution? Fulvic Humic Acid, a powdered form which has a nano particulate size. With this special micro-particle form, it provides minerals and nutrition directly to your cells, and even has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. We are able to use it by ingesting it, using it topically on the skin, and soaking in it as a bath or foot soak.

Soaking in water with fulvic humic acid works by creating an osmosis process. While soaking, the body absorbs the minerals and nutrients through the pores of the skin. It makes an exchange, by binding with and removing heavy metals and toxins out through your pores. Fulvic humic acid promotes cellular regeneration and detoxification of the entire body through this process.

Heads up! Many people have reported expelling parasites after soaking, even in just a foot soak! The pores on the bottom of are particularly large, providing an exit point for parasites. Not everyone has them come out during a soak, because every body is different. Each body is different regarding the level of toxicity. Soaking in fulvic humic is beneficial for everyone, including your children and pets, we all need assistance with detoxing!

Cleansing the body doesn't have to be hard or stressful, fulvic humic provides our bodies everything it needs for powerful detoxification and cellular regeneration.

Benefits of this Magic Mud Ultimate Detox Bath includes: -Whole Body Detoxification, -Removes Toxins & Heavy Metals -Replenishes Minerals -Promotes Cellular Regeneration -Aids in Parasite Removal -Promotes Healthy & Soft Skin

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