Alicia Paukovic

Energy Healer, Intuitive, Mystic

Hi, I'm Alicia, the owner of Vital Vibes. I have a long history of working in the field of medicine. Fourteen years of my adult life I spent working as a pharmacy technician. However, in my time working in the pharmacy, I always felt drawn to the herbal supplement aisle.  I love the "old world" medicine, the herbal apothecary. Earth's medicine. Natural and holistic healing has been a passion of mine for many years. 

I've spent many years dealing with my own health issues, struggling with frequent migraines, anxiety, brain fog and fatigue. From my own personal experience, I never found health or a "cure" for my health issues in a doctor's office, only band-aid solutions.

We live in a society that has created a healthcare system of band-aid solutions. Have a headache? Take a pill. Can't sleep? Take a pill. Don't get me wrong modern medicine has it's place, and it can be life saving in some circumstances. In my opinion though, the biggest problem with western medicine is the lack of eastern medicine. We can and should be utilizing both types of practice simultaneously. 

I've managed to find relief for the majority of my health issues through the use of herbal and plant based medicine, proper nutrition, avoiding toxins, breathing techniques, meditation, and kundalini yoga.

In my search for health, in 2019, I was introduced to a healing modality called Reiki. Since then I have been researching and practicing different styles of reiki and quantum healing techniques along with crystal healing. I found my passion with using and working with crystals and essential oils. Both crystals and essential oils have metaphysical properties and carry precise frequencies which can help to balance your energetic body and raise your vibration. They work synergistically along with reiki to activate your body's natural healing ability. 

I am continuously adding to my knowledge of holistic healing practices. I am currently working on becoming a meditation and pranayama teacher. In my spare time (when I'm not being a mom or a wife!) I enjoy studying Astrology, Alchemy, and Kabbalah (Ancient Jewish Mysticism).

--Side note: Most biblical scholars agree that Jesus was a Kabbalist. Kabbalistic teachings is what the high priests would have been studying during this time. Jesus was known to have been teaching and studying with Jewish priests. -- I have found Kabbalah very interesting and have been studying it over the years. Kabbalah is the science of spirituality. I enjoy reading and learning about anything regarding metaphysics and spirituality.

I've always been drawn to the spiritual world, and I have always felt close to the angelic realm. I remember being a child and wondering what that little light was that i seen out of the corner of my eye. I was raised in a holy spirit filled Pentecostal church. Yeshua (Jesus) has and always will be my anchor, and I channel the holy spirit in my practices.

I believe Yeshua is a perfect model as an Ascended Master. He came here to teach us love and compassion. He came here to teach us how to heal ourselves. He transcended darkness and ascended into the heavens. 

Ascension is our end goal as well. We were designed to ascend. We need to grow our "light body" in order to ascend. At the center of our light body, is our heart chakra (energy center). We must grow in love, in order to illuminate our heart center. Love is our light!

I am here as a guide to help you grow your inner light. I would love to share this passion of mine with you! I look forward to meeting with you, whether it be in a in-person healing session, distance session, or in one of my virtual courses. 

Sending you Love and Light,

Alicia Paukovic​​


Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

Karuna Ki Reiki Master

Antojai Quantum Light Reiki Master

5D Quantum Healing

Angelic Healing

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Reader

Human Design Analyst



Rei - Divine Wisdom
Ki - Universal Life Force

Reiki is a form of energy healing. As a reiki practitioner, I channel reiki through my hands and place them on affected areas of the body. I will also use hovering and sweeping motions as I work with your energetic field.

Reiki focuses on the energy body, or metaphysical body. I am able to tune into your energy field and detect any blockages and where energy is needed. Unprocessed emotions and trauma play a large part in energy blockages. Reiki allows release of those stagnant energies, allowing for proper flow of energy. Reiki helps to bring the body back to a state of harmony or "ease" (rather than a state of dis-ease).

In addition to reiki healing, I use crystals by intuitively placing them on or around your body. Crystals can help to adjust the frequency of the body's energy field. Crystals are a beautiful, powerful, yet gentle addition to your healing session.

Anyone is able to learn how to work with reiki and I am dedicated to sharing it with as many people as possible. I am currently developing certified virtual reiki courses that will be available through this website. For any more information about reiki or crystals, please message me! I would love to answer your questions!


Ascension Alchemy Alcove

Want to learn how to grow in your spirituality? Come hang out with me in my private Facebook group, Ascension Alchemy Alcove. It is a safe place where we can come together and help each other heal, learn, and grow our inner light. We all have the ability to shape our reality. Alchemy is all about alchemizing our traumas, struggles, and pains from the past, into something new. Darkness can be transformed into Light. I hope this group inspires you, challenges you, and awakens your inner light.

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